Death of 4 year boy in service apartment in candolim, goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination and in some cases, people are coming to goa to kill. After the Sonali Phogat case, another murder in goa has got widespread national coverage.

One of the most popular news stories at present is how Suchana Seth,the 39 year old CEO of Bengaluru AI startup was arrested in Chitradurga, Karnataka for allegedly murdering 4 year old son in Goa. Suchana had booked a service apartment in Candolim, Goa and left on 8 th January in a taxi for bengaluru with a very heavy bag. Since her son did not leave with her the hotel staff became suspicious and they also found blood stains. The taxi driver was told to drive the Toyota Innova taxi to the police station, and when the police checked the bag, they found the dead body of the 4 year old son,
The boy appears to have been smothered to death, and further investigations are continuing.
Suchana Seth, who studied in Kolkatta initially had filed for a divorce from her Keralite husband Venkat Raman who she had married in 2010, and the custody of their son caused a dispute between them. She has an impressive resume as a data scientist, working in Harvard.

India’s top online, banking fraudster haryana gurugram raw employee ruchita kinge now holidaying in goa

The massive banking, online, financial fraud masterminded by the top tech and internet companies has made their favorite fraudster India’s top online, banking fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge extremely rich and powerful. While employees get one holiday in year, the internet sectors favorite fraud raw employee ruchita kinge, takes expensive holidays every month using the massive amount of black money she has
After her Rs 21000/day holiday in Jaipur, india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge is now holidaying in goa according to her social media profile. Yet showing widespread financial fraud in the internet sector ruthless raw employee ruchita kinge, like amita patel, other fraud raw/cbi employees refuses to legally purchase this and other domains, though they get a monthly indian government salary for faking domain ownership.
Instead of blindly believing in the fake black money allegations against those who have very less money, the income tax department should investigate how india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge is getting the money to go on expensive holidays every month, leading a very lavish lifestyle.

Airlines may be intentionally denying boarding passes for overbooked flights

Usually the airline staff will announce that boarding is closing for a flight several times, so that passengers who are standing in the queue can get their boarding pass since passengers are paying a large amount for the ticket.
Only in the air india ,the staff are not making any announcement,working very slowly, making passengers go from counter to counter, waste time at each counter and then denying them the boarding pass.
An older single woman passenger was allegedly intentionally denied a boarding pass for the mumbai to flight AI-663 on November 21, 2023 by airline staffer Ms Rohini Surve, Ms Heena causing great hardship to the older single woman. In addition to wasting the hard earned money,the single woman was forced to make alternate arrangement to reach goa at a very short notice, since the return ticket was already booked.
The airline may have allegedly overbooked for the flight AI_663 and to avoid refunding the passengers they may be intentionally delaying the passengers at airline counters
So it is not advisable for older ugly passengers to purchase an air india ticket, they may be denied the boarding pass despite paying the entire ticket amount since the staff is allegedly targetting passengers who appear powerless.
Please note that thane greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employeee guruprasad, panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, indore cheater housewife deepika/veena who looks like actress deepika padukone, panaji goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, and other raw/cbi employees have not written this content and do not own the website, though indian government agencies allegedly raw/cbi are allegedly making fake claims in a case of government SLAVERY, financial fraud based on the lies of top government employees allegedly j srinivasan, puneet, vijay from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay

India’s greediest ONLINE FRAUDSTER raw employee ruchita kinge, now travels to jaipur for holiday

haryana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge, optum human resources manager now holidays in luxury jaipur hotel costing Rs 21000+ per day , yet refuses to purchase domains

One of the best indications that LIAR indian government agencies especially raw/cbi are openly involved in massive ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY is how the indian government is falsely claiming that haryana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge,optum human resources manager who has never paid for any domains including this one, like her fraud powerful boyfriends puneet, sumit, vikas, verma, arya especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, is a domain investor to give the haryana cheater great powers, monthly government at the expense of the real domain investor, a single woman engineer,
After enjoying a staycation at a 5 star hotel in new delhi costing Rs 7000/day now india’s top online fraudster raw employee ruchita kinge is now enjoying a holiday in a jaipur luxury hotel costing Rs 21000/day ,yet refuses to purchase even one domain like bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees
The LIARharyana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge likes posting photos of herself wearing a swimsuit and has now posted a photo of herself in the swimming pool of the jaipur luxury hotel on instagram

It is time that indian government, tech and internet companies stop falsely claiming that haryana human monster fraud raw employee ruchita kinge who refuses to purchase domains, with no online income is an online expert, domain investor and admit that she is getting a monthly government salary only because she has powerful fraud boyfriends like puneet making fake claims about her.

This is posted so that countries, companies and people are aware that the shameless greedy haryana fraud raw employee ruchita kinge does not own any website yet gets a monthly government salary only for making FAKE CLAIMS

haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge enjoys staycation in expensive 5 star hotel after duping reddit,china with her fake bot stories

Though she is a well paid human resources manager at optum with a salary of Rs 15 lakh, LIAR haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge is ruthless in running one of the most shocking government SLAVERY racket, targetting harmless hardworking indian citizens working at home especially older single women, refusing to acknowledge the time they spend doing the computer work, the money they invest, instead running a massive extortion racket like the cheater indore /goan/shivalli brahmin/gujju/sindhi officials/leaders, criminally defaming the online worker,and then falsely claiming to own their paypal, bank account, domains to get great powers , monthly government salary
Since 2011, the CHEATER liar tech and internet companies ran a massive government SLAVERY racket, falsely claiming that lazy greedy frauds like haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge, housewives, students and other frauds who did not spend any time, were doing all the computer work, to get them great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the real online worker, who was criminally defamed and got almost nothing
Now after running their massive SLAVERY racket since 2010, the cheater indian tech and internet companies are not able to prove that there is any connection between the real domain investor and the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees. So showing the high levels of financial fraud, government slavery in the indian internet sector, it appears that a very charming,influential raw/cbi employee has DUPED reddit, china that all the writing, reddit posting work is done by a bot and got all the reddit posts deleted, though everything was done manually , spending a lot of time
To celebrate DUPING reddit, china with her fake bot stories, haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge now enjoys staycation in expensive 5 star hotel with the cheapest daily room rate of Rs 6500 or more. This exposes another fraud of haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge , who refuses to purchase this and other domains, yet gets a monthly government salary for FAKING domain ownership with the help of her powerful cheater boyfriends puneet, sumit, arya, verma, vikas, top indian tech and internet companies.

Though she is considered high status and respectable haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge is india’s greatest online fraudster, managing to fake domain ownership, computer work, paypal, bank account without paying any domain expenses,so she has plenty of money to spend on expensive staycations costing Rs 6500 daily, yet refuses to legally even one domain, though the single woman engineer, domain investor, haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge has cheated is desperately trying to sell the domains.

Indore woman Reeta shahani falls off cruise ship in Singapore straits

The media reported that 64 year old indore woman reeta shahani had fallen off a Royal caribbean cruise ship spectrum of the seas while it was crossing the singapore straits.The indore woman had gone on a cruise with her husband Jakesh who owned an indore hotel to celebrate her birthday.The husband woke up to find his wife missing.
The couple had attended a party the previous night, and the husband retired to his room early.
In the morning he found his wife missing and raised an alarm.
Initially the cruise staff was evasive, later when her son contacted the government agencies, they confirmed that their detection system had detected that the body had fallen off the ship. The body has not been traced till date.
Like indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena who is getting a monthly government salary since 2010, running an extortion racket on the domain investor making fake allegations without any proof, indore residents are very wealthy and can afford to pay $4000 or more for cruises, while citizens targetted by the indore officials extortion racket, online fraud are making great losses and have to use their retirement savings to pay for daily expenses

Young woman Mahi Arya allegedly flees to nepal after killing her boyfriend ankit chauhan

Indicating the lack of humanity and ruthlessness of young women in india today, Mahi Arya from Haldwani, Uttarkhand allegedly uses a cobra to kill her boyfriend Ankit Chauhan . After the dead body of Ankit Chauhan was found in a car in Haldwani, the police thought that he died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Later after the body was sent for post mortem, it was found that there were snake bites on his feet.
After the call records of Mahi Arya were checked, it was found that she was communicating with a snake charmer Ramesh Nath from Uttar Pradesh
Ramesh Nath confessed that he was paid Rs 10000 by Mahi Arya for having his snakes bite the feet of Ankit Chauhan after he was sedated, giving him drugs without his knowledge
After dumping the body of Ankit Chauhan in a car, Mahi Arya allegedly left for nepal with her new boyfriend Deep chandel and two servants from the house.
This shows why it is so difficult to trust anyone at present, especially young people, they are extremely ruthless in harming or killing people who they do not like. Arya is one of the top supporter of gurugaon’s top cheater raw employee ruchita kinge and the greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters raw employee sunaina, priya, puja chodan have openly threatened to kill the domain investor to grab her assets and bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree, continues her writing fraud .

Indians travel to nepal to purchase cheaper tomatoes

Due to corruption and mismanagement, the prices of tomatoes in india has increased greatly and in some places the prices are exceeding Rs 150/kg
According to media reports Indians are now travelling to nepal to purchase cheaper tomatoes
The prices of tomatoes are CHEAPER in nepal at Rs 60/kg
The nepali farmers are realizing that indians will purchase their tomatoes in bulk, so they are growing them.
They are also making a good profit selling these tomatos
Kindly note that indian tech and internet companies do not want to pay goan CALL GIRL raw employees siddhi mandrekar, panaji goan bhandari sunaina chodan who they supply to top indian government employees from their million dollar profits, they are falsely marketing the goan call girls and others as online experts, domain investors writing content to get the call girls and others great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is making great losses because of the government job for SEX racket, financial fraud, government slavery

Posting photos of luxury holidays abroad results in income tax notices for wealthy influencers

Though the liar tech, internet companies are making up fake stories that domain ownership is very lucrative, in reality it is very difficult for some users to make any money from their website. At present in 2023, the social media influencers, especially on youtube and instagram are making plenty of money, often more than Rs 1 crore a year while the domain investor is making a huge loss.
The influencers are flaunting their lavish lifestyles so that they are hired by more companies. They are often going abroad and purchasing or getting expensive luxury items. Since they are posting photos of the places they visit, it is very easy for the income tax staff to track their activities.
It appears that 15 influencers have got an income tax notice, one influencer received goods worth Rs 30 lakh and showed her income as Rs 3.5 lakh only.

Tourist Guide to Wrocław: A City of Architecture and Art



Wrocław, a city rich in history, culture, and art, is a must-visit location for any wanderlust traveler. This article presents a comprehensive guide for tourists visiting Wrocław, detailing some of its most iconic locations.

Town Hall and Market Square

Address: Rynek 50, 50-996 Wrocław

The Town Hall and Market Square are the heart of Wrocław. The Gothic Town Hall is a magnificent architectural marvel with its stunning facade and intricate detailing. The Market Square, one of the largest in Europe, is bustling with cafes and shops, offering a unique blend of history and contemporary life.

Wrocław’s Dwarfs

Scattered around the city are over 350 dwarfs, each telling a unique story. These small figurines initially commemorated the Orange Alternative, a peaceful anti-communist movement. Today, they have become a charming symbol of Wrocław and a fun treasure hunt for visitors.

Wrocław Aquapark

Address: Borowska 99, 50-558 Wrocław

For those seeking relaxation and fun, Wrocław Aquapark is the perfect destination. With a variety of pools, saunas, and slides, it offers entertainment for the whole family.

Centennial Hall and Wrocław Fountain

Address: Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wrocław

Centennial Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a historic architectural masterpiece. Nearby, the Wrocław Fountain provides a mesmerizing spectacle of water, light, and music, especially during the evening shows.

“Passage 1977-2005” Sculpture Group

Address: at the intersection of Marshal Pilsudski and Świdnicka streets.

This thought-provoking installation represents the transition of Poland from communism to democracy. The disappearing statues symbolize the fading memory of the past.

Wrocław University

Address: plac Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137 Wrocław

The beautiful baroque University of Wrocław offers a glimpse into the city’s academic life. Don’t miss the stunning Aula Leopoldina and the Mathematical Tower with breathtaking views.

Wrocław Railway Station

Address: Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 105, 50-085 Wrocław

This historic railway station combines neo-Gothic architecture with modern amenities. It’s not just a transportation hub, but also a shopping and dining destination.

Sky Tower

Address: Powstańców Śląskich 95, 53-332 Wrocław

The tallest building in Wrocław, the Sky Tower, offers a panoramic view of the city. It also houses a shopping mall, apartments, and offices.

Da Vinci’s Fox Tattoo Studio

Address: Żeromskiego 28, 50-321 Wrocław

For the adventurous, visiting Da Vinci’s Fox Tattoo Studio Wrocław might provide an unforgettable memory of Wrocław.

Wrocław Cathedral

Address: Plac Katedralny 18, 50-329 Wrocław

This impressive Gothic cathedral on the Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) is a symbol of Wrocław. Its towers offer a fantastic view of the city.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Address: Szewska 10, 50-122 Wrocław

Known for the “Witches’ Bridge” connecting its towers, this church offers a scenic view of the city and a fascinating legend.

Church of St. Elizabeth

Address: Świętej Elżbiety 1/2, 50-111 Wrocław

This church is famous for its observation deck, providing a panoramic view of Wrocław’s Old Town.

Royal Palace

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, 50-077 Wrocław

Now housing the city museum, the Royal Palace’s Baroque style and rich history make it a must-visit.

Sand Street Shopping Complex

Address: Piaskowa 17, 50-359 Wrocław

This shopping complex offers a wide variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, perfect for a shopping spree in Wrocław.

Jas and Małgosia Houses

Address: Świętego Mikołaja 1, 52-007 Wrocław

These two charming connected houses, named after the fairy tale characters Hansel and Gretel, add to the fairy-tale atmosphere of the city.

National Museum

Address: plac Powstańców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wrocław

The National Museum houses a vast collection of Polish art, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

Japanese Garden

Address: Adama Mickiewicza 1, 51-618 Wrocław

A unique blend of Japanese tradition and European style, the Japanese Garden offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.


Address: Na Grobli 17, 50-421 Wrocław

Hydropolis, a knowledge center about water, is a unique combination of education and entertainment.

Wrocław Opera

Address: Świdnicka 35, 50-066 Wrocław

The Wrocław Opera House, in its splendid Neo-Baroque building, offers a rich repertoire that will please music and architecture lovers alike.

Przystań & Marina Restaurant

Address: Księcia Witolda 2, 50-202 Wrocław

This riverside restaurant offers delicious cuisine and picturesque views, providing a perfect end to your day in Wrocław.


Wrocław is a city of architecture and art, from the Market Square to the Tattoo Studio. It provides a vibrant blend of history, culture, and modernity, making it a must-visit city for every traveler.

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