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Time share for sale, rent
Low cost hotel rooms available at sterling holiday resorts and other hotels all over india at an affordable price

Currently timeshare holiday of upto 14 days available in the following sterling holiday resorts all over the country at a discounted rate during the off peak season
Club Estadia ,Alto Porvorim, Goa
Villagio, Betlabatim, Goa
For visitors to goa a complete package including sight seeing, shopping, eating out can be arranged on request. If you are planning to visit goa and require any kind of information, free traveler help available.Please send your request for information, budget to and

By the Lake , Kodaikanal
By the Valley , Kodaikanal
Elk Hill , Ooty
Fern Hil , Ooty
Corbett - Treetop Riverview
Daman - Casa Tesoro
Darjeeling - Khushalaya
Dharamshala - The Sanctuary
Dindi - By The Godavari
Gangtok - Delisso Abode
Lonavala - Under The Over
Manali - White Mist
Munnar - Terrace Greens
Mussoorie - Dancing Leaves
Nainital - Bhawanipur Greens
Puri - Golden Sands
Sariska - Tiger Heaven
Shirdi - Sai Wada
Thekkady - Woods n Spice
Yelagiri - Marigold Ridge
Yercaud - Rock Perch
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Only offer morning desert safari tour package

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Domain for sale
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