Like Tiktok star Sonali Phogat, some tourists die while visiting goa on a holiday

The media posted the news of how haryana Tiktok star, BJP leader Sonali Phogat died in Goa allegedly of heart attack on August 22/23 , 2022. The body was kept at St Anthony’s hospital and research centre in Anjuna, Goa after she felt uneasy. She was only 42 years old, and her husband had died under mysterious circumstances in 2016.
While the mainstream media carried news that it was a heart attack, a reddit user gritty-badger claimed that the death was due to cocaine. This shows how the mainstream media is covering up the negative news. Goa is notorious for its party and drug culture, and every year young people, often tourists die under mysterious circumstances after attending rave parties and similar events
Usually younger women do not die of heart attack, due to biological factors, so the allegations of cocaine use may be true. Many of those who die of drug overdose are tourists like Sonali Phogat visiting goa on a holiday.

Despite increase in airfares, hotel rates, salaried people with families go on holiday during long weekend

Goa- Mumbai air ticket prices increase to Rs 15000 during the long weekend in August
The newspapers reported that Goa- Mumbai air ticket prices increase to Rs 15000 during the long weekend in August
Many salaried people with children are going on a holiday during the weekend so there is a lot of demand for hotels, lodges
Salaried married people with children are usually making plenty of money, so they can afford to pay the higher airfares.
Most lodging, hotels are fully booked, many people are wealthy and can pay the higher rates
Only government slavery victims like the domain investor, cannot afford to go on any holiday, since the income will drop to zero.