Death of 4 year boy in service apartment in candolim, goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination and in some cases, people are coming to goa to kill. After the Sonali Phogat case, another murder in goa has got widespread national coverage.

One of the most popular news stories at present is how Suchana Seth,the 39 year old CEO of Bengaluru AI startup was arrested in Chitradurga, Karnataka for allegedly murdering 4 year old son in Goa. Suchana had booked a service apartment in Candolim, Goa and left on 8 th January in a taxi for bengaluru with a very heavy bag. Since her son did not leave with her the hotel staff became suspicious and they also found blood stains. The taxi driver was told to drive the Toyota Innova taxi to the police station, and when the police checked the bag, they found the dead body of the 4 year old son,
The boy appears to have been smothered to death, and further investigations are continuing.
Suchana Seth, who studied in Kolkatta initially had filed for a divorce from her Keralite husband Venkat Raman who she had married in 2010, and the custody of their son caused a dispute between them. She has an impressive resume as a data scientist, working in Harvard.