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Most of the non business travelers are visiting a new place to get away from their daily routine and for sight seeing, checking out the various tourist locations in the city, town or area. This is the reason why the monsoon is the off peak season in most parts of india for hotels and resorts, as sight seeing in the monsoon can be difficult due to the poor infrastructure in India, with potholed roads, areas flooded, and vehicles damaged due to water logging

The sight seeing options depends on the traveler profile. If the traveler has friends or relatives living in the area, the friends and relatives may take the traveler for sight seeing, a customized tour based on the interest of the traveler. However most visitors to a place do not know anyone in the area, so they have to either hire a vehicle for sightseeing or take a sightseeing package tour of the area. Each of these options for sightseeing have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hiring a vehicle with a driver for sightseeing is usually preferred by families and large groups, because it is more convenient, flexible and also cheaper for larger groups. The cost of the hired vehicle will remain the same whether there is a single traveler or 6-7 travelers of a family or group, so the cost per person will reduce. The route or tourist spots to be visited are usually decided well in advance, and the group can halt at a specific place for a longer period of time if required depending on their interest in the particular place..

On other hand, a single or couple of travelers will often find that a sightseeing package tour will be inexpensive, as the charges are on a per person basis and a larger number of places are usually covered. For example a vehicle will charge Rs 3000 per day for a tour, and package tour will only charge Rs 250 or a similar amount for the entire day, for north goa or south goa. A trained guide will provide information about the popular tourist spots, However there is less flexibility for a sight seeing package tour, the traveler will have to report at a particular place at the specified time,and the bus or vehicle will halt at each place for a fixed duration.

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