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Older people and families with children on a holiday to goa will usually prefer to hire a vehicle, which is provided by the hotel and can cost approximately Rs 3000 a day for a larger vehicle like an Innova . The charges for a smaller vehicle like a hatchback or sedan are usually slightly lower. There are usually a large number of vehicles associated with each resort and the front office staff will often help the travelers hire a vehicle.

In Goa, most of the vehicle drivers have many years experience in dealing with tourists and can provide a lot of information about the popular tourist spots like the history, important events, places to shop at. They can also help the travelers go for a boat ride, to enjoy the sea in goa (the drivers are getting a commission) . In some resorts, the places to be visited by travelers in North Goa are also specified like Anjuna, Vagator, Calangute, Baga beach. Other vehicles for hire are usually cheaper costing Rs 1900 a day as they do not have to pay a commission to the hotel they are associated with.

In Goa, scooters are also available for hire at different resorts, with rental rates of approximately Rs 400 a day. The traveler and his or her associate can ride the scooter himself or herself. These scooters on hire are popular with young tourists and couples on a holiday as they are far more affordable compared to larger vehicles like cars, and offer greater flexibility as the tourist can drive the vehicle himself. Some companies are also offering cars and bicycles on hire.

In goa, travelers who have booked a hotel room, should ideally only hire vehicles associated with the hotel where they are living. Due to extremely limited opportunities in Goa, the taxi drivers are very aggressive in defending their territory. If the traveler will book a vehicle not associated with the hotel, the media has reported that disputes have taken place between the vehicle drivers and owners.

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